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The birth of this shop

Virtually every country in the world has been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. The changes we have all experienced have been both negative and positive.

Let's leave the negative aspects of this unique situation for the news. Even the most challenging situations present opportunities.

For us it was the time that we got to spend outdoors during the lockdown. It was truly a unique experience in a sense that the only place you could visit freely was a forest or a park. 

Thankfully, we live in a beautiful forested country - Lithuania - where everyone is free to walk in any woods that they like. However, during those extended walks my eyes couldn't help but notice all the waste that was lying on the ground.

Disposable napkins, coffee cups, plastic bottles - you name it. And as I was picking it up I started thinking about the world before the disposable single-use items were discovered. 

What did it look like? Reusable, truly biodegradable kitchen and personal care items, clean bathroom routine, waste-free travel. 

Wouldn't it be nice to go back to this kind of more sustainable, plastic-free living? Is it difficult to change our habits? Is it expensive?

As I started doing more research I realised that not only is it much cheaper to buy something once that will last years, but also the quality of life and comfort will stay the same (or even improve)!

It was this realisation that made me and my sister take real action to combat this kind of unnecessary, single-use waste.

Moreover, since this idea came to me while I was talking a walk in the woods, why not support a meaningful cause that aims to save oldest forests which are often the only home to rarest species?

This is where the support for the Ancient Woods Foundation initiative came from.

So this passion for cleaner environment and love for nature led us here. We hope that you came here for the same reasons!



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